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Sam Pink / Be Softly

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Your Glass Head Against the Brick Parade of Now Whats

Coming: November 10th

Artwork: Sam Pink

"Your Glass Head Against the Brick Parade of Now Whats" is a six track album of talking-songs made from excepts of Sam's reading of his book.

Praise for Sam Pink:

"Simply one of the best, darkest, funniest, wildest, and touching writers we’ve got." - Los Angeles Review of Books
"[Your Glass Head... is] a perfect distillation of Sam Pink's oeuvre, calcified and sharpened to a glistening point for slow insertion into one of the more membranous parts of your body." - Neon Grisly


Be Softly



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Artwork: Sophie Davis


My Friend Kills Time

Coming Soon

Personal Projects

Poisonous Birds

Poisonous Birds Artwork

Gentle Earth

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Poisonous Birds collide grinding, dystopian electronics with widescreen, cinematic grandeur. The forthcoming concept EP Gentle Earth is out NOW.


Flash Peasants

Stephen & Shaun put on one of the first Poisonous Birds shows in their hometown of Corby, and supported with their new hip-hop project. They blew us away and we immediately said that when they've got a record ready, we'd love to put it out. We actually go back a long way with these guys. Our bands toured together many years ago, and today, it's fun for us to still support eachother through the relationships we made during our formative years, even though we've all followed very different musical trajectories.

Flash Peasants perfectly express through a their sarcastic, cutting and politically charged lyrics the outlook of two guys growing up in a painfully average town in the Midlands. They observe and comment upon today's society and politics in a uniquely fun, satisfying and accessible way.

Flash Peasants self-titled EP Artwork

Flash Peasants EP

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The Waterboatman

"A self-indulgent 9 track exploration of the self, and how this self fits within the world. Inspired mostly by my time volunteering in an animal sanctuary, in Spain. thank u for checkin it x"
-Brook Laing

Fake Sick

Finn and I discovered Fake Sick while travelling down the west coast in 2014. The duo arrived like a glitter bomb to play a basement show in Seattle (live video) and blew our minds; we followed them down to Portland for a second show. I haven't found the words to describe the experience of Fake Sick's set and never will, but at least I can share their new album STINKER with you all. Enjoy.

Modern Rituals

While growing up Harry was always three steps ahead of me with the music that he was writing and it always inspired me to push myself further with what I thought I was capable of creating. In his new band with Jake and Rob, Modern Rituals are creating sludgey indie rock influenced by North America'™s rich tradition of noisy guitar mess.

Modern Rituals Artwork

Stranger Culture

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